Renovations, Phase I of Too Many to Count

Let’s start off with a little before and after-ish photo comparison.  I wanted to give the front porch a little freshening, so here is Front Porch Freshening, Phase I: Phase I consists of a coat of Yellow Raincoat by Benjamin Moore on the front door and a “haint blue” also by Benjamin Moore that I… Continue reading Renovations, Phase I of Too Many to Count

The Home Inspection and WE ARE IN!

Well, the offer was accepted!  Our emotions were:  YAY!  But wait.   Did we do the right thing?  Let’s go look in Sequim.  It’s always sunny there.  OR There’s something for sale for less in Mt. Vernon, and a famous architect designed it.  What about that one we saw in Anacortes??  So we drove around… Continue reading The Home Inspection and WE ARE IN!

The Birds Have Found Their Nest

This travel blog is going to segue abruptly.  For a while, it will be a home improvement blog.  But still connected to the freedom to travel…details to be revealed in time. When we hit the Oregon state line, we knew it was time to start looking at our surroundings differently.  We were no longer just… Continue reading The Birds Have Found Their Nest

Big Trees, They Got ‘Em!

Next stop, giant redwood trees. Nothing could have prepared us for the impact. Even seeing the giant sequoias did not prepare us.  One minute we were driving along, looking at the scenery, then BAM.  Next minute we are in a dark, shaded grove of giant redwoods.  Stunning.  Majestic.  Awe-inspiring.  To say the least. We spent one… Continue reading Big Trees, They Got ‘Em!

Coastal Living

Morro Bay, California came highly recommended.  A neighbor in our Prescott National Forest campground told us it is his favorite place, and he also suggested a forest campground near there.  We found it.  Cerro Alto Campground isn’t on the beach, which was a good thing at the time, since it was incredibly windy along the… Continue reading Coastal Living

Missy in Wonderland

We left the Alabama Hills, vowing to come back and explore lots more one day.  We were ready for green and big trees and mountains.  We stopped in at the Sequoia National Forest ranger office in Lake Isabella and the ranger suggested Cedar Creek campground.  She said it’s really beautiful and a creek runs through… Continue reading Missy in Wonderland

Out of the Valley and Into the Hills

On our last morning in Vegas we walked down to The Beat for coffee.  I ordered “the biggest coffee you have, please” to which the barista replied, “I can respect that.” We browsed the record albums and the art while she brewed a fresh pot.  The gentle sunlight coming through the windows and the not-fancy furnishings… Continue reading Out of the Valley and Into the Hills