The Maiden Voyage, Interrupted

Subie and Snuggle-Inn at the Ft. Pickens entrance to Gulf Islands National Seashore

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Site B-1, Reservations for three nights.  This was to be our first time actually sleeping in Snuggle-Inn.

Backed in to our spot

Wayne had the camper backed in but not hooked up yet, and immediately a nice older gentleman walked over, handed me a dime, and asked for the “dime tour” of the camper!

Set up and relaxing

Our site was nice and shady.  Weather was very windy.  In fact, on the long drive down Ft. Pickens Road we encountered park staff using a bulldozer to plow sand off of the road and pile it up on the gulf side.  The high tide had breached the road the night before.  Apparently the dunes were decimated in that particular area by a storm, and now the waves wash right over the road during any storm event.

About an hour after our arrival, a park ranger approached.  Bad news, he said.  Park is closing as of noon tomorrow, and the campground is under mandatory evacuation.  According to the weather forecast, the road could easily flood and trap everyone in the campground.

We alerted our dear friends Tim and Alan, who we had been visiting with for a few days and headed back to their (very nice) house, where this sign greeted us at the gate:

Our friends’ new sign upon our return to their house

Very funny, guys.

Next stop:  Covington, Louisiana.

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