Colorado Bend State Park

As usual, we located some fine eats on the way to our next spot. Firehouse BBQ in Lampasas is fantastic. Wayne reports that they had at least a dozen types of root beer to choose from.


The landscape changed tremendously in just a few hours of driving from dense pine forests to scrubby oaks, cedar, and lots of rock. We pulled in and got set up and met our neighbor, Joe from Lubbock. He’s 79 years old and he and his wife Alyce were there with their grandson Houston.

IMG_9117.jpgTurns out Houston is an excellent fisherman. Like made the fishing team at University of Texas good fisherman. The Colorado river has been low for the past few years and it’s now back to normal, so the fish are spawning and running and doing what fish do. And the fisherman are there doing what they do.

Our first short hike that evening was down to a little waterfall and swimming hole.


The following day we hiked the Cedar Loop to Tinaja Trail (tinaja is a water filled rock bowl) to Gorman Falls and back. Temperatures were in the 70s during the day and the 40s at night, so just about perfection.


Ms. Alyce from “next door” gave us some cleaned white bass Houston had caught and we cooked them with butter and spices in tinfoil over the camp fire with some of our homegrown sweet potatoes on the side.


The tent sites at Colorado Bend are down by the river and the RV sites are on a bluff just above.   They also have some backpack-in primitive campsites that looked pretty nice. There are outhouses near the camping area and two composting toilet restrooms near the office and the day use area. Those were a lot better than the outhouses, but I for one was very happy to get back to flush toilets after three nights.


Park trails and scenery five stars, RV sites two stars, composting toilets one star. It’s better than a “vault toilet.” Learning the toilet lingo. Hooray!


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