Life Is Too Short to Live in Dallas

So breakfast this morning was amazing. Before we left Colorado Bend to drive to Austin, we had leftover fish and sweet potatoes from last night wrapped up in tortillas with some salsa.

We Google mapped ourselves to the Pecan Grove RV Park in Austin. As we got into town I realized we were going to be staying in a fabulous location. This park was established sometime in the middle of last century and the town has grown around it. There really are lots of pecan trees. Some people have permanent spots there with cool old Airstreams.

The manager put us in a spot that backed up to the neighboring Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and big trees and those white string lights. Ambiance extraordinaire. Snuggle-Inn was highfalutin.


We took some blessed showers and did some blessed laundry and then walked to Green Mesquite BBQ right down the street for dinner. Really, really good eats.

Missy the dog has started to understand how eating on restaurant patios work. At first she would bark at the server as she approached the table. But now it’s all good, because that stranger brings us FRENCH FRIES. Servers are her best people now.


After dinner we took a walk through Zilker Park down to the Colorado River and took in the downtown night skyline.


A thunderstorm was forecast, so we made sure all of our stuff was under our REI Alcove shelter, put the trash bag in the galley (leaky seal we haven’t fixed yet), and went to bed. Woke up at 2 am to thunder, lightning, and gusts of wind. Followed by torrential rain. The Internet said the wind gusted to 67 miles per hour. I had visions of Snuggle-Inn flipping over with us in it.


We remained upright and woke to a brisk 52 degree clear day. We picked up our friend Eric and got some Tex Mex for lunch and headed to Lake Travis.


On the way back we stopped at Mandola’s Italian deli and got a couple of pizzas (it was happy hour so of course we did).

Pecan Grove RV Park rates five stars for its midcentury charm and location right in the middle of it all.

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