So we had a few days to kill before our campground reservations in Marfa. We backtracked north and headed to Lakeside Campground at Hords Creek Lake. Texas is full of dams, as it turns out. This Corps of Engineers managed lake supplies the drinking water for the tiny town of Coleman and surrounding area. We stopped in the one grocery store there on the way in, the Shoppin’ Baskit.

Lakeside is in the middle of nowhere, and there’s not a lot to do but fish, birdwatch, and relax. Being Easter weekend, there were a good many families there, but our site was in the less populated area of the campground, so it was nice and quiet. Just the sound of distant training wheels on asphalt every now and then.


Missy has learned how to trot alongside the bike while on leash. She barks excitedly as she runs. Pretty sure she likes it.

The lake here is lined with tons of baccharis neglecta, aka Roosevelt weed, poverty weed, and false willow. B. neglecta thrives in disturbed sites, so it makes sense. It was widely planted to try and rehabilitate the soil in the Dust Bowl. Now it’s considered invasive although it is native.


Nobody warned us about the Texas wind. When it blows all day it’s enough to drive a person inside the camper for some knitting and reading.

Campsites five stars, bath houses three stars (there were lukewarm showers but flush toilets, so).


One thought on “Backtracking

  1. The wind was the first thing Granny warned me about when I told her we were moving there. Sorry I forgot to pass that on. 😉 In the summer it feels like a furnace, so your timing is good!


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