Sometimes It Snows in April


The Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest has splendid dispersed camping opportunities.  Some of the roads are ROUGH, but there’s something for everyone and every type of vehicle.  Again, Missy was the happiest pup ever, running free and smelling all the smells.  We climbed the little mountain, we played in the snow, we drove into Williams for a fantastic Sunday breakfast at Pine Country, we met some locals who consider the forest their backyard (how wonderful!), we saw a coyote, a herd of javelinas, mule deer, prairie dogs, and tons of birds and lots of elk scat and tracks (but no elk).

We had no idea it would snow.  In April.

Click below to listen.

Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson.  You had no idea how much you meant to our lives.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes It Snows in April

  1. I’ve lived near sea level for so long it is difficult to see what flat land there is in your photographs as higher elevation than I am accustomed to. I imagine a high plateau or broad valley with mountains at the edges. The snow . . . well, I’m sure it is invigorating. As we discussed before better cold than hot.


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