Treat Yo’ Self: Sedona Edition


The Sedona area was breathtakingly beautiful, starting with the scenic, foggy, rainy-day drive down Highway 89A from Flagstaff.  The old part of town is very pedestrian friendly with tons of shops and restaurants, so… we decided it was treat yo’ self day.  For Wayne, a new hat (Stetson, no less); for Pam, a pair of silver and Sleeping Beauty turquoise earrings handcrafted by a member of the Zuni tribe; and for Missy Moo, some special dog treats from Whiskers Barkery.

Our US Forest Service campground, Cave Spring, was deep in Oak Creek Canyon, about 11 miles from Sedona.  Our site was nestled amongst white oak, boxelder, Arizona sycamore, and Ponderosa pine trees next to a crystal clear rocky stream stocked with rainbow trout.

We hiked the Chuckwagon Trail and the Devil’s Bridge Trail to the area’s largest natural sandstone arch, called the Devil’s Bridge.  Once on the bridge, we found it was best to not look down.

South of Sedona, just off of Interstate 17, is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America, Montezuma Castle.  It has nothing to do with “Montezuma” nor is it a “castle.”  A rampant fascination with all things exotic at the time of the site’s discovery by white people in the 1860s led to this misnomer, which stuck.

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