Missy in Wonderland



We left the Alabama Hills, vowing to come back and explore lots more one day.  We were ready for green and big trees and mountains.  We stopped in at the Sequoia National Forest ranger office in Lake Isabella and the ranger suggested Cedar Creek campground.  She said it’s really beautiful and a creek runs through it.  As we drove up and up and up into the Greenhorn Mountains, we noticed patches of snow on the ground and ice in the trees, which was melting and dripping and sometimes falling into the road.  We reached the summit at Alto Sierra and continued another four miles to the undeveloped, verdant, idyllic, gorgeous…okay, you get the idea…campground.  And it was FREE.  No camping fee.  We chose the left side of the highway, drove down a somewhat steep gravel road and found a campsite right on the creek that we could get into fairly easily with the Snuggle Inn.  The cedar trees were massive, there was green grass, and the creek was clear and clean, running over rocks, talking to us.  Just how we like our creeks.

The next morning we headed out to the Trail of 100 Giants to see our first giant sequoia trees.  We happened upon a Mexican restaurant on the way, El Tapatio, where Wayne ate the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen and we watched some HGTV show with the proprietor and discussed how nice the house they remodeled was.  When we got to the trailhead, sadly, there was a CLOSED sign.  It’s become a running joke with us.  “Sorry, folks, we’re closed.  The moose out front shoulda told ya!”  Apparently, the open season didn’t start till May 1, four days hence.  We got to see some giant sequoias anyway, along the side of the highway.  We stopped and walked amongst them in awe, like you do when you see a giant sequoia for the first time, and took some photos.

When we got back to the campsite, Wayne announced he was going to walk to the old cabin he had found the day before and take some photos.  Since it wasn’t a long walk and my ankle was feeling better, I decided to go along and bring Missy.  We had to cross the creek and walk along an old road.  Deuel Cabin is a very old, very stone cabin by the creek.  The inside of the cabin was covered with graffiti and it was obvious this is a local hangout spot for the young ‘uns.

Will someone please explain to me why there are always abandoned socks lying around these places?  Perfectly good socks.  People’s moms are so mad at them because they have to keep buying socks to replace the ones that are lost by creeks and streams and at campsites.

Anyway, we explored around, letting Missy run off leash.  At one point Wayne was off taking photos and I walked down a little hill to check out a couple of camp sites in the woods.  They were great sites, but there was trash left behind.  We picked up some, as is our custom, but couldn’t get it all.  Like there was an entire trash bag left by some deadbeats, which had been torn open and the contents scattered around.  At one point I realized Missy wasn’t near me and I had to call her.  That hardly EVER happens.  I chalked it up to her having fun.  We walked all the way up the road to the point where there was a gate with a no trespassing sign, turned around and headed back.

When we got back to the camp site, we had a snack, and I noticed Missy, sitting near me, was leaning to one side.  We didn’t think much of it, got ready for bed and hopped into the camper.  Then we noticed Missy was lifting her head and staring into space occasionally.  And twitching when we touched her.  And her eyes didn’t look right.  Uh oh.  Missy ate something she wasn’t supposed to.   We went through the possibilities:  a mushroom; rotted food; some type of drug?  We slept, me waking often to check on her, then in the morning we started breaking camp early to bring her to the nearest vet.  She was VERY sleepy and hard to wake up.  I started getting very scared.  She finally woke up and I checked her eyes.  They looked normal again.  She wagged her tail at me, then promptly threw up something very horrible all over my sleeping  bag.  I moved her to Wayne’s side and got the bag out, and she threw up AGAIN on Wayne’s sleeping bag.  I didn’t even care (Wayne kind of did) because I knew her little body was getting rid of whatever had made her ill.

I took her outside and she tried to walk, but fell down.  SCARED MOMMA.  I put her on her bed where she sat and watched us pack up till it was time to go.  When she knew it was time to go, she jumped up and ran to the car, perfectly normal.  I made her walk around and go potty.  We headed to town.  She threw up a couple of times in her crate, but it was less disgusting than before.  There was a vet in Bakersfield, but by the time we got there, she was perfectly normal.

We continued on to the coast, destination Pismo Beach Best Western.  Our room wasn’t ready so we drove to the state beach, where they let you drive your car right onto the sand!  Missy Moo said the fresh salt air made her feel so much better.  She had some food and water.  Back at the hotel, we all got clean and washed our sleeping bags.  I researched online and found out her symptoms were consistent with marijuana ingestion.  She probably ate somebody’s dropped marijuana edible crumbs.  Likely around that cabin.  So, people, please don’t drop crumbs when you consume your edibles, and please dispose of the packaging properly.  Please.  It only takes a tiny bit to make a dog or wildlife very, very sick.  Depending on the dosage, it can kill them.  Missy was lucky.

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