Las Vegas: You Should See What They’ve Done With the Place

Sue B. Anthony needed an oil change, so Wayne got up early on our first morning in Vegas and took her to the Subaru dealer. I redeemed a free coffee coupon at the Gold Spike, which is next to our hotel. It’s an old casino/hotel that has been reborn as a 24/7 non-gaming lounge. Inside… Continue reading Las Vegas: You Should See What They’ve Done With the Place

Coffee, Hipsterland, and Nickel Slot Machines

I like my morning coffee. Wayne might phrase that differently. He MIGHT say that I NEED my coffee ASAIWU (as soon as I wake up) and that I get very irritated if I have to wait too long and I turn into a two-headed snarling monster, jonesing for caffeine, willing to knock down small children… Continue reading Coffee, Hipsterland, and Nickel Slot Machines

Mountain Lying Down

Our first view of the Grand Canyon was from the South Rim near the El Tovar hotel.  I had the immediate and strange sensation that it wasn’t real, simply a very convincing three dimensional image.  It’s something everyone should see for themselves.  Words cannot describe the vastness, the colors, the light. Driving east along the South… Continue reading Mountain Lying Down

Treat Yo’ Self: Sedona Edition

The Sedona area was breathtakingly beautiful, starting with the scenic, foggy, rainy-day drive down Highway 89A from Flagstaff.  The old part of town is very pedestrian friendly with tons of shops and restaurants, so… we decided it was treat yo’ self day.  For Wayne, a new hat (Stetson, no less); for Pam, a pair of silver… Continue reading Treat Yo’ Self: Sedona Edition

Sometimes It Snows in April

The Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest has splendid dispersed camping opportunities.  Some of the roads are ROUGH, but there’s something for everyone and every type of vehicle.  Again, Missy was the happiest pup ever, running free and smelling all the smells.  We climbed the little mountain, we played in the snow, we… Continue reading Sometimes It Snows in April

Petroglyphs, Petrified Wood, and Painted Desert

A one-night stopover in a seemingly unremarkable location, Lyman Lake State Park, yielded big surprises. Archaeologists date the bottom panel to the Basketmaker period (AD 300 to 700), and it’s one of the earliest panels in the park.  The zigzag elements supposedly represent water serpents, to whom the Hopi people would pray for water when there… Continue reading Petroglyphs, Petrified Wood, and Painted Desert