Big Trees, They Got ‘Em!

Next stop, giant redwood trees. Nothing could have prepared us for the impact. Even seeing the giant sequoias did not prepare us.  One minute we were driving along, looking at the scenery, then BAM.  Next minute we are in a dark, shaded grove of giant redwoods.  Stunning.  Majestic.  Awe-inspiring.  To say the least. We spent one… Continue reading Big Trees, They Got ‘Em!

Coastal Living

Morro Bay, California came highly recommended.  A neighbor in our Prescott National Forest campground told us it is his favorite place, and he also suggested a forest campground near there.  We found it.  Cerro Alto Campground isn’t on the beach, which was a good thing at the time, since it was incredibly windy along the… Continue reading Coastal Living

Missy in Wonderland

We left the Alabama Hills, vowing to come back and explore lots more one day.  We were ready for green and big trees and mountains.  We stopped in at the Sequoia National Forest ranger office in Lake Isabella and the ranger suggested Cedar Creek campground.  She said it’s really beautiful and a creek runs through… Continue reading Missy in Wonderland

Out of the Valley and Into the Hills

On our last morning in Vegas we walked down to The Beat for coffee.  I ordered “the biggest coffee you have, please” to which the barista replied, “I can respect that.” We browsed the record albums and the art while she brewed a fresh pot.  The gentle sunlight coming through the windows and the not-fancy furnishings… Continue reading Out of the Valley and Into the Hills

Las Vegas: You Should See What They’ve Done With the Place

Sue B. Anthony needed an oil change, so Wayne got up early on our first morning in Vegas and took her to the Subaru dealer. I redeemed a free coffee coupon at the Gold Spike, which is next to our hotel. It’s an old casino/hotel that has been reborn as a 24/7 non-gaming lounge. Inside… Continue reading Las Vegas: You Should See What They’ve Done With the Place

Coffee, Hipsterland, and Nickel Slot Machines

I like my morning coffee. Wayne might phrase that differently. He MIGHT say that I NEED my coffee ASAIWU (as soon as I wake up) and that I get very irritated if I have to wait too long and I turn into a two-headed snarling monster, jonesing for caffeine, willing to knock down small children… Continue reading Coffee, Hipsterland, and Nickel Slot Machines

Treat Yo’ Self: Sedona Edition

The Sedona area was breathtakingly beautiful, starting with the scenic, foggy, rainy-day drive down Highway 89A from Flagstaff.  The old part of town is very pedestrian friendly with tons of shops and restaurants, so… we decided it was treat yo’ self day.  For Wayne, a new hat (Stetson, no less); for Pam, a pair of silver… Continue reading Treat Yo’ Self: Sedona Edition